Stewart (Stuh) Persky for Congress
25th District Florida

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Campaign status update 2/20/20:

I am still waiting for my first campaign contribution.  The time to pay the $10,440 filing fee is rapidly approaching.  While I could cover this fee from personal funds, I will likely not do so:  1)  The fee is a drop in the bucket, compared to the cost of a congressional campaign (average $1 million), and 2) I cannot and will not do this alone; I need to see some support from the public (that’s you!).

I believe my ideas to solve immigration and replace Obamacare are the best (passable-by-congress) solutions out there.  Way better than the ‘Nothingburger’ the rest of the GOP has come up with.  And certainly way, way better than the ‘default’ solutions offered by the Democrats – open borders and taxpayer funded health insurance for everyone but taxpayers.  Pres Trump is doing a great job, but will continue to be thwarted by Democrats with complicit support from RINOs.  And for that reason, I have brought this campaign as far as I have with my own personal funds, because I believe Pres Trump needs help from a congress capable of enacting solutions, starting with replacing the Open-Borders RINO in FL 25.

With a Congressional approval rating in the low teens, any challenger who is breathing should be a superior option to whomever represents you now!  If you are not putting your full support behind any reasonable challenger, you are either lying about your disdain for incumbents (and fully support your incumbent, even if he/she is an Open-Borders RINO), or you are shirking your patriotic duty to rid our government of socialistic-leaning politicians who are stealthily taking over our country.

I’m trying to make it easy for you by providing something no other Congressional candidate has the guts to do – a complete platform with solutions to the problems We-The-People face every day; I’m letting you know where I stand, so you can make suggestions how I can best serve you.

After sending 750 communications to over 100 outlets, I have sadly concluded the media is only interested in female candidates and totally uninterested in solutions to our problems (they don’t even bother to look!).  And I am talking specifically about the so-called conservative media, which is merely helping Nancy No-One achieve her dream of an all-woman congress.

For those, who have taken the time to review my platform, I appreciate your comments!  The only way I can perfect my proposals is with your input.  However, keep in mind that solutions to our problems will only come with bipartisan compromises; not with continual bullying.  My proposals are designed to neutralize the power behind the socialistic resistance agenda.

Sadly, if I choose to drop out, my ideas likely die out when I shut down the website in early May.  And then you will be stuck with the solutions presented by others, who are only interested in special interests, and not you!  That is, if anyone else actually comes up with solutions!  Just remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Y’all keep voting for the same people again and again and expect different results.

If you would like to see me (or someone like me, who is actually capable of getting things done for Americans) get to Congress and force the folks there to start getting things done, then I really need your campaign contributions, and now!

And pass this message to everyone you know.  Remember, you do not need to be in my Congressional district to contribute to my campaign!

Thank you for any support you are able to provide.

I’m Stuh Persky and I approve this message.

I’m Stuh Persky, your Republican candidate for US Congress from our 25th district in Florida.

See my YouTube channel each Friday for my weekly Podcasts.

You can also check out my Twitter feed or Facebook page for current updates about my campaign.

The incumbent, Mario Diaz-Balart leaded the charge on a 1.2 million amnesty bill for illegals passed by Congress on December 11.  Mr. Diaz-Balart continues to vote as an open-borders Democrat and not as your Republican representative in Congress.

I believe we can do better.

Why me?

I have a plan to fix our immigration problem; a true compromise considering all sides of this issue, which I believe I can get thru Congress. 

We need to fix the mess on our Southern border.  We also need to find a fair and reasonable resolution for the tens of millions of aliens in our country illegally.

Do we really need a wall?
We need a resolution to our immigration problem which will enable us to move forward as one, united country; a compromise solution, which includes a path to citizenship (not amnesty) for these immigrants, as well as all of President Trump’s immigration reforms.

The incumbent, Mario Diaz-Balart, signed a petition in 2018 to surrender control of Congress to the Democrats and block President Trumps immigration agenda.  Diaz-Balart continues to vote with the Democrats and against President Trump.

It is apparent Diaz-Balart is a Republican In Name Only.  I feel like we can do better.

I have a plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare, which will put an immediate cap on health insurance costs, with a path to real medical cost reductions

I also have plans to fix our Lake Okeechobee problem and Secure Our Schools from terrorist attacks, as well as proposed solutions for our many other issues.  See the videos below to learn more.

Diaz-Balart will give us another two years of none of these things.  Or maybe he’ll come up with another wild story about Russia placing Nukes in Venezuela.

If we want different results in Congress, we need a different approach.

Should I move forward with this campaign, I will need lots of volunteers, and of course money; Diaz-Balart already has a huge ‘war chest’ ($480,000 at last count) to make sure there are no changes in Washington.

I also need a campaign manager and a campaign treasurer.  Contact us, if you are interested.

Here is my full platform for your purview.

Thank you for your support!



In order to ensure I am on the Primary ballot and conserve precious campaign donations, I need to obtain @ 3,500 candidate petition forms from registered voters who reside in this 25th Congressional District in Florida.  You can help me by printing out the  candidate petition form and returning it to my office (Committee to Elect Stewart Persky, 13260 Immokalee Rd., Ste. 6-78, Naples, FL 34120).

Better still, print out 100 copies and go around your neighborhood.