Stewart (Stuh) Persky for Congress
25th District Florida

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About Me

I retired to the Naples area in 2015 after selling my St. Louis area accounting practice.

During my 41-year career, I had the opportunity to help a lot of individuals and small businesses grapple with the complexities of government.  I have had to influence the actions of all levels of swamp creatures, not just the revenue agents, but also Governors and even members of Congress.

I believe I have the skills, expertise, and the right compromise solutions; even to work with the current Congress to breakthrough the stalemate, so we can start securing our country and begin to control our exorbitant medical and other expenditures.

I’m tired of sitting at home and complaining to my wife about the Washington disaster.  I want a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Help me get to DC and fix this mess.

Thank you for your support!


Stewart (Stuh)