Stewart (Stuh) Persky for Congress
25th District Florida

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February 24, 2020

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To the Voters in the 25th Congressional District of Florida,

Here is my platform.

Thank you for your interest in my campaign!


Stewart (Stuh)

Persky, retired CPA







  1. A roadmap to citizenship for the 40 million aliens who are in this country illegally.   In order to receive citizenship, an applicant must complete the following:
    1. Seven years of probation, subject to completion of Wall.  Probation serves as recognition those illegal aliens applying for citizenship have broken the laws of the US, by entering the country illegally.  Probation will put illegal aliens on an equal footing with US citizens who have been continually subjected to traffic tickets and other minor law infractions.  In addition, probation will allow for immediate deportation of those aliens who continue to break the laws of our country.  Said probationary period will not end until the Wall (2) is completed.
    2. Payment of a $10,000 application fee (see payment options below), to cover the costs of implementing this program and other enhancements to our immigration system and border patrol; plus a $5,000 fine for illegally crossing the border ($15,000 total).
    3. The filing of US income tax returns for the last three years and payment of all taxes owed.
    4. Deportation of those illegal aliens who refuse to comply with these rules within one-year of enactment.  By dramatically reducing the number of non-compliant immigrants, we should be able to monitor and enforce the new rules.
    5. Payment of the $10,000 application fee may be made over five years or may come from charitable sources.  Any portion of the application fee coming from charitable sources must be paid within 60 days of application for citizenship.  The $5,000 fine must be paid solely by the applicant, in full, before the end of the probationary period.
    6. Immediate release of illegal aliens currently held in detention.  Along with this release, each alien will receive 14 days’ worth of supplies and the option for free transportation back to their country of origin (Central America).  Should these immigrants choose to remain in this country and apply for citizenship, they will be subject to payment of the application fee and fine, as noted above.
    7. Violation of probation shall also include the crime of previously voting in an election illegally.  The applicant can avoid this violation by stating in his application for citizenship those elections in which he voted illegally (and under what name) and for whom (presidential, senate or congressional candidates).  This provision is necessary to protect applicants who would otherwise be deported solely for previously voting illegally.  Should the amount of illegally cast votes be significant, then said election results shall be recomputed, to the extent still applicable.
      1. This provision shall not apply to the 2020 (and subsequent) General Elections.  Should it be determined that an applicant voted illegally in the 2020 elections for President, US Senator or US Congressman, then said applicant forfeits his opportunity to obtain citizenship, and will be subject to deportation.  Illegal aliens who seek the roadmap to citizenship via this bill are hereby notified that voting illegally in 2020 will cost them the opportunity to obtain citizenship.
    8. Violation of probation will also include child abandonment, child endangerment and human trafficking.  This provision includes parents who abandoned their children or used human traffickers to send them unaccompanied to the US border.  Human traffickers also includes caravan organizers or other organizations or individuals that create or financially assist an army of immigrant invaders to reach our borders.  While it clear we cannot leave behind the children, we must recognize the horrible law violations by parents who abandon or turn their children over to others for the life-threatening journey to our country.  Abandoned children impacted by this provision shall have the option of free passage to their country of origin to be reunited with the parents, who abandoned them.

        1. Foreign countries who do not assist in the apprehension and punishment of parents and human traffickers involved in these atrocities shall have their foreign aid suspended.
        2. A moratorium of the $5,000 fine and any remaining application fee not covered by charity, until the child turns 21.
  2. The construction and maintenance of a Wall.  The President shall be authorized, upon the passage of this Act, to take whatever reasonable means are necessary to secure the Southern Border to prevent any more unauthorized illegal crossings.  The Wall must be completed in order for the probationary period in #1 above to be completed; no Wall, no citizenship for illegals.
  3. An elimination of any financial incentives or other benefits given to anyone who is permitted to migrate to this country, especially if not a US citizen.  Those illegals receiving taxpayer funded benefits will receive 14 days’ worth of supplies in lieu of future benefits and the option for free transportation back to their country of origin (Central America).  Educational services may only be provided if the family pays the out-of-district fee normally charged; said charges to be based on a fair cost for the education provided, which should approximate $2,500 per child, per school year.
  4. A twelve month moratorium on all immigration to give our government sufficient time to process all the immigrants currently within our borders and complete a study as to the availability of natural and financial resources our country has to sustain further immigration.
    1. A study shall be made to determine our country’s ability to take on immigrants.  This study will include an evaluation of the future availability of food,  water and other resources, as well as our financial ability to take on additional immigrants.  The results of this study will become well known, before the continuation of significant numbers of immigrants legally entering the country.
  5. When immigration resumes, the following policies will apply.
    1. Both Congress and the President shall set mutually agreeable immigration numbers.  Applicants will be accepted each year on a first-come basis.
    2. Payment of a $10,000 application fee.
    3. Elimination of chain migration, anchor babies, H1B, H2B, asylum and Sanctuary Cities.
    4. The necessary strengthening of our border control agency and any other enhancements to our border security as requested by President Trump.
  6. It shall be clear that Electoral votes and House of Representative allocations shall be made, based on US Citizens only and not to include illegal aliens.  Should the 2020 Census fail to include a citizenship question, the 2020 Census shall be redone.
  7. Adoption of English as the official language of the United States.
    1. All references to Spanish shall be eliminated in public places, places of business, customer services telephone systems, etc.  The tradeoff for a path to citizenship is the need to come together as a nation and all speak the same language.  Never in the history of this country, has our government allowed immigrants special dispensation regarding foreign tongues.  It is only the lack of an effective immigration policy over the last several decades that has allowed the widespread use of Spanish to grow.  More importantly, the common usage of Spanish in public places has created racial divisions within our society.  To allow some residents of this country to speak a language foreign to most Americans is a form of racial prejudice and hated which we must eliminate in our country.  When one does not know what the person standing 10 feet away is saying about them, because they are speaking in a foreign tongue, it only creates fear and hostility.  We need to bring people together; not separate them by speaking different languages.
    2. The $10,000 Application Fee for US Citizenship will include English language training.
    3. Areas of the United States (including regions within cities), where more than 30% of the legal US citizens solely speak Spanish, will have an additional seven years to comply with this provision.  In addition, the US will provide free English language training for the residents of these areas to ease the transition.
    4. It shall be unlawful for any employer to discriminate against any job applicant, solely because the applicant only speaks English.
  8. The theory of ‘Replacement Population’ will be treated as what it is – treason against the citizens of the United States of America.  Replacement Population is the excuse used to justify flooding Europe and the United States with immigrants from Central/South America and Africa.  The false claim that we must repopulate in the face of declining birthrates is not substantiated by any facts.  In addition, the Democrats tell us we have limited supplies of clean air, water and food.   Based on the Democrats’ very own assertions, we certainly do not have the natural or financial resources to support the hundreds of millions migrants the Open Borders ilk are trying to force upon us.  In addition, any perceived deficiencies in our ability to provide employees for certain types of jobs, can and should be dealt with via our educational system and a combination of tax credits and tariffs to increase the after-tax value of jobs, so as to make such ‘in demand’ jobs more financially attractive (i.e., turn a $25,000/yr. job into the after-tax equivalent of a $45,000/yr. job).  In addition, many leaders of this Open Borders movement openly declare their goal to undo the white Christian majority of our country – racism and white genocide at its core!  We have an obligation to our children and grandchildren to provide a safe and prosperous environment; we must stop this evil and sinister plot which will destroy our country.
  9. Any charity set up to assist illegals (or future immigrants) in paying the $10,000 application fee and/or living expenses for illegals,  shall also be required to provide similar economic benefits to homeless American citizens, with a priority for homeless military veterans.



  1. The Law known as Obamacare is repealed in its entirety.
  2. The Government shall immediately start selling Medicare to individuals not currently eligible for Medicare under existing laws.  By making Medicare available to the general public, we will be providing cost ceiling competition to the insurance companies, who will continue to sell their products.
    1. The pricing for Medicare to these individuals shall be calculated so as to achieve a 20% profit margin, based on current Medicare expenditures.
    2. Premiums for individuals under age 65 shall be prorated using methodology currently utilized by the insurance industry.
    3. A ‘quick and dirty’ estimate of premium costs:  If I pay $200 per month for Medicare supplemental insurance (which I do), which covers 20% of my medical expenditures and already has a profit margin built in (by the insurer), then the cost for the 80% covered by Medicare would be roughly $800, or approximately $1,000 for full health care coverage for someone age 60.  If an insurance company uses a 20% factor for someone in their 20s, that cost would be about $200 per month.
    4. Ease regulations on insurance companies to enable them to sell profitable and affordable products, with the requirement they provide a class of plans to cover individuals with preexisting conditions.
  3. Congress shall allocate $100 billion, annually, (based on the amount currently paid to prop up Obamacare) to provide Medicare premium assistance for poor and indigent American citizens.
    1. In no event shall the net monthly premiums paid by such assisted individuals be lower than the monthly premiums paid by current Medicare recipients.  (In other words, no freebees unless elderly social security recipients get the same freebees.)
    2. Any net profits from Medicare sales may be counted towards this premium assistance.
    3. Any of these funds paid directly to insurance companies shall have any profit margin removed from the remuneration structure.  In other words, if the government is providing Medicare premium assistance of $500 per month for an individual, said individual can choose to apply $400 (profit margin removed) towards the cost of similar insurance from an independent insurer.
  4. There shall be allowed a 25% Federal Income Tax credit to those individuals who voluntarily forgo their social security.  (For example, a person who agrees to let the government keep $20,000 of his social security gets $5,000 off his taxes.)
    1. 50% of the net after-tax increase in government funds will count towards the annual premium assistance in 3) above.
    2. 50% of the net after-tax increase in government funds will reflect a repayment to the social security system of funds previously misappropriated by Congress.
  5. There shall be a 20% surcharge tax on social security benefits for  taxpayers whose adjusted gross income exceeds $250,000 married filing jointly, or $200,000 for single taxpayers.  This surcharge tax will go back into the social security system to help offset the cost of future benefits paid to others.
  6. Medicare shall replace all current health insurance options for members of congress and all other governmental employees.
  7. Veterans’ medical services shall be rolled into the Medicare program in such a manner that no veterans will incur additional medical costs from what they pay now.  All government moneys previously allocated to veterans’ medical services shall be reallocated to the Medicare program.
  8. Reduce the duplicity (including unnecessary repetitive medical appointments) and unnecessary paperwork imbedded in the current Medicare system.
  9. Modify malpractice insurance rules to limit maximum legal awards and discourage the current policy of forcing doctors to run as many procedures as possible and continually refer their patients to specialists to avoid malpractice concerns (Refer Madness).
  10. Use the power of mass purchasing to drive down medical costs.
  11. Use a portion of the cost savings to start including the cost of vision, dental and hearing aids under Medicare.
  12. Prevent health care providers (including pharmaceutical companies) from charging more to US customers, than they charge in other countries.
  13. Pharmaceutical companies shall not be allowed to include advertising expenditures in computing the prices they charge US customers for their drug products.
  14. Consider requiring health insurance companies to file annual cost reports.





Keep the Water Release Valve in the ‘Closed’ position.

The issue here is not finding an alternative place to dump the water --- there are plenty of great solutions on the table.  The Okeechobee problem is a people issue (read Swamp!).  There is a person at the Army Corps of Engineers who has the authority to ‘Open the Valve,’ or keep it closed.  The simple solution is to ‘encourage’ the authority person to keep the valve in the ‘Closed’ position.  Once it is clear to the authority person that opening the valve is no longer a legal option, then the Corps will be forced to implement one of the fine options we have available for resolution of the Okeechobee problem.



  1. Limit access to the school building/campus to three exits.
  2. Install a metal detector at each egress.
  3. Assign two trained security experts to each egress.  An additional two trained guards will serve as ‘rovers.’
  4. Arm each security guard with non-lethal Taser technology and advanced communication equipment.


The above procedures should be sufficient to protect a school of @ 1,000 students from practically any small scale attack; and at the same time, minimize the exposure to students from the impact of a ‘rescue’ gone wrong.  If there is any concern about the cost for these necessary enhancements (@ $5,000 per metal detector, @ $40,000 annual salary per security guard), keep in mind that most government buildings already employee ‘taxpayer-paid-for’ security procedures similar to those outlined above.





  1. Recognition that our school systems must be used to prepare our children for the future they will encounter as adults.  This future includes working careers as well as raising a family (population replacement) and becoming law abiding members of society.
  2. Introduction of more males into the entire educational process.  For the last several generations, our entire educational process has been controlled, managed and manned by females.  The result is an environment which has become highly biased towards the development of young girls, at the expense of young boys, who are often medicated if they fail to behave ‘properly.’  As this trend continues, we will continue to see more and more women in higher paying jobs, with fewer men in those positions.  Men will become more limited in the types of jobs available to them, with an increasing impact on family structure and even the birth rate.  To provide a more even playing field for young boys to compete with the girls, there needs to be more males involved in the educational process – more male elementary school teachers and more males in the upper management of our country’s educational system.
  3. Our schools must become an environment for the development of free speech.  It will no longer be acceptable for an educator to present polarized political views, without providing a suitable forum for opposing viewpoints.  Our schools must provide an example that we must not protest anything and everything, just for the sake of protest.  Nationally, those government agencies responsible for our schools shall maintain a vigil watch to ensure free speech is not being violated.
  4. Teacher’s Unions shall not be allowed to engage in wildcat strikes simply to extract more money from taxpayers.  Teacher’s salaries may be low, but they are competitive.  ‘Competitive’ is hereby defined as:  it would be moderately difficult to obtain an equal or better salary if an educator were to obtain a job outside of the public school districts.”  The point is – teacher’s still make more than what most folks make.  But what sets educators apart is the retirement benefits:  Retired teachers make almost as much as working teachers; and in addition, teachers can retire at a much earlier age (sometimes even early 50s, when school districts encourage early retirement to pare their ranks).  These retirement benefits are so good that several states are going broke from paying retirement obligations to educators and other government employees.  Then there is the argument as to who represents the Taxpayers, when a teachers’ union negotiates pay raises.  Ever since I was a young child, I have been conditioned to think that we always need to give the teachers pay raises whenever they ask for more money.  Apparently most of us still feel the same way.  It is time for teachers to acknowledge they have a good financial deal!
  5. Revamp the financial structure of higher educational systems to be more capitalistic in nature.  Ever since I was a child, the costs of college have climbed way faster than inflation.  The student loan program is merely a Ponzi scheme used to mask untenable education costs; many students believe they will never have to pay off the debt, and the rest will have their standard of living unnecessarily reduced. 
    1. One approach is to limit the size of the educational loans and force the colleges to accept the reduced loan amounts as full tuition (another words, providing a substantial discount to the government subsidized student). 
    2. Another approach is to eliminate the loans completely and force colleges to compete financially for the students (after all, the ones paying the money should have the right and the ability to price shop); under this approach, the government could issue ‘grants’ (which don’t have to be repaid) to students, who otherwise would have been forced to take out loans.  The universities will be required to accept the grant as paid-in-full tuition, without additional (or limited) tuition cost for the students.
    3. We should also provide partial relief for existing student loans (not a full exoneration), to the extent such loans were abusive in amount to cover excessive education costs charged by many universities.  In other words, if the ‘fair’ cost of college is determined to be $10,000 and the student incurred loans for a university that charged $15,000 for tuition, the student would get a credit for the $5,000 abusive charge, but still owe the $10,000 fair cost.
    4. Eliminate the requirement for students to purchase expensive books as a part of a college curriculum – all of this information can and should be made available digitally for free.
    5. Replace Athletic Scholarships with jobs; recognize that many student athletes perform valuable profitable services for our colleges and universities.  These student athletes, who add to the profitability of an institution should be compensated.  Establish a salary for student athletes to allow for the equivalent of a $15/hour salary, after payments for tuition and boarding costs; the student athlete must continue to be enrolled in the institution for which he/she is working/playing for.  Eliminate Athletic Scholarships for sports which do not generate profitable revenues for the schools, and do not prepare the student athletes for a working career.
    6. Limit the salaries paid to public university personnel to 90% of comparable salaries paid for comparable jobs in the private sector.
  6. Provide financial incentives/disincentives to schools for providing the training necessary to fill the jobs available in America.  It shall no longer be acceptable for any company to argue that it must import workers from a different country by claiming that no American’s possesses the skills necessary for the job; if we want to claim we have the best educational system in the world, our educational system must provide the trained workers for tomorrows jobs!
  7. Keep sex education out of the elementary schools.  It shall be deemed to be child abuse to attempt to interfere with a child’s natural sexual development, by trying to influence the child to become something he or she is not.





  1. Accessibility
    1. A computerized central election system, easily available to all voters.
    2. Assignment of voter ID#s with a process designed to avoid a massive reregistration of all voters.
    3. Online information so voters able to understand who and what they are voting for, both in advance online, and at the polling booth.
    4. Voters can conduct their business quickly and efficiently from their own homes or at a polling station.
    5. Voters can monitor the status of their vote online to make sure the vote has been counted as intended.
  2. Accuracy
    1. Centralized control of election process, with each political subdivision allowed real time participation and full transparency, so both political parties can monitor the process.
    2. The system must be able to determine if a voter is eligible to vote, if the vote is ‘provisional’ or should be unallowed, with a 24/7 support center to immediately resolve discrepancies and place the vote in one of these three categories (allowed, provisional, disallowed).
    3. Segregation of duties, to minimize opportunities for election fraud.
    4. 24/7 monitoring of system, including real time audits to make sure the votes are being counted properly.
    5. Paper copy of vote and audit trail.

      1. Assign each vote a number (in addition to each voter’s personal ID#).
      2. Provide each voter with a paper/digital copy of his vote, including his vote number.  Those registered voters who vote at the poles on the day of the election will receive a machine-readable paper copy of their completed ballot.
        1. Paper copy will include vote number and other identification, as necessary, to minimize fraud potential.
      3. Ability to real-time audit the system by name, id# and vote #.

    1. Full periodic backup of system (hourly, daily, etc.).
  1. Timeliness
    1. Quick results upon conclusion of elections.
    2. Definitive beginning and ending of voting period.
  2. Security
    1. Establish an alternate internet strictly for election (and perhaps other secure purposes), for which the government maintains the data on its own cloud machine (no third-party contract) and backup cloud machine.
    2. Connect with the real internet for only a limited period time to enable accessibility for our election on the full internet.
    3. 24/7 monitoring by trained computer experts to make sure the system is not compromised.
    4. Power Grid backup.





  1. The second amendment exists precisely to prevent a gun grab similar to what the Democrats are attempting to do.  Our freedom depends on preserving these second amendment rights.
  2. At the same time, we need to start viewing gun ownership as a privilege, similar to how we view a driver’s license; not a right.  If we do not, someone will come along and take away our 2nd amendment rights completely!  We are privileged to live in a country that allows us the right to bear arms.
  3. Encourage the sale and usage of non-lethal tasers to the general public as an alternative to lethal fire arms via a $200 income tax credit for the trade-in of a fire arm for a taser.  In addition, tasers meeting certain safety standards will be exempt from gun control rules.
  4. Create standards for which, if a gun owner meets these certain standards, government employees will be prevented from confiscating their weapons.  For example, each gun owner would undergo a bi-annual psychological evaluation to confirm the licensee’s (and his household members) capability to use the weapon safely.  Anyone who passes such an  evaluation will have written documentation to prove his or her ‘gun-worthiness’ to preclude any weapon confiscation.
  5. ‘Reverse engineer’ the database we have available regarding the history of gun misuse to determine those individuals who are statistically extremely likely to misuse a gun.  Design the ‘tests’ used in #2 above to restrict gun ownership for individuals, who are extremely likely to misuse a weapon.  Also provide the ability for the high misuse individuals to improve their statistics to entitle them to requalify for gun ownership (similar to a suspended driver’s license).  We must start to recognize that, clearly, some individuals should have restricted gun ownership; convicted felons, for example.  As a starting point, work with the NRA to establish those minimal standards.
  6. Ultimately, we must change the ‘fear’ mindset which has fueled the dramatic increase in gun ownership.  People are simply more afraid than they have been in the past.  Out of the fear comes the need for protection.  Remove the fear and we ultimately eliminate some of the needless killings.



  1. We must recognize that we have the highest incarceration rate in the world, which is too high!  Yet at the same time crime is increasing!
  2. Replace most police guns with Tasers.  Police must be able to have the ability to easily diffuse a situation without causing any injury to the suspects or innocent bystanders.  The Taser gives the Officer the ability to ‘shoot first and ask questions later,’ without causing harm.  If current Taser standards do not clearly provide this ability, bring the technology where it needs to be!
  3. Avoid the automatic ticketing and arresting associated with most interactions with Police.  Matters should be resolved informally whenever possible, to avoid over clogging of our legal system.
  4. Evaluate all laws currently on the books to determine what crimes really should deserve enforcement, and which laws should be repealed.  For example, our legal system has practically decriminalized shoplifting, while overemphasizing marginal traffic violations.
  5. Consolidate the financial management of local police departments and fire management districts, so as to equalize salary and benefits between policemen and firemen.
  6. Closely monitor for abuses in the prison system, particularly privately run institutions.



  1. Our inner cities deserve extra attention.  The crime rates are much higher than elsewhere, there is severely limited parental supervision, and severely limited opportunities for the citizens who reside in these areas.
  2. Provide an adult supervision program for economically disadvantaged children outside of school hours.  This program may include compensated light working opportunities for these children (balancing child labor laws with providing additional, desperately needed income).  The idea is to limit the opportunities for gangs to recruit youngsters.
  3. Create government run 24 hr. day care facilities in economically disadvantaged areas to provide more youth supervision, as well as give the parents additional opportunity for employment.
  4. Redeploy police from the Marginal Traffic Violator Patrol in the suburbs to providing additional police protection to the inner cities.



  1. All judges will be subject to general election by the people whom they serve for six year terms.  In addition term limits will be established for all elected officials of 12 years, per position.
  2. No individual or other tax/legal entity shall be allowed to circumvent the individual political campaign limitations via SuperPACs, 501(c)(4)s or other similar types of organizations.  In addition, no individual or other tax/legal entity may make political contributions towards a candidate who is not running for office in the donor’s district (no out-of-state donations from a Florida resident for a Missouri Senator, etc.).
  3. All citizens eligible to vote shall be issued standardized identification with real time checks and balances to ensure an orderly and legal election process, incorporating the modifications described herein.
  4. No individual shall be allowed to vote more than once in any election.  Any process where substantial assistance is given to selectively generate votes from individuals who may otherwise not vote, including the procedure known as ‘Vote Harvesting,’ shall be considered an act of multiple voting and expressly illegal, and subject to the penalty for treason.  This provision shall be applied retroactively to the 2020 elections, so as to ensure a fair election process untainted by truckloads of ballots ‘miraculously appearing’ after the conclusion of the elections.
  5. No State or Local government shall be allowed to pass laws, create restrictions or otherwise alter the election process so as to enable one political party to have an unfair advantage or otherwise unfairly influence the election process.  Should it be determined that the actions of a State or Local government unfairly influenced the results of an election, then said State’s electoral votes shall not count in that election and any elected candidates for any Federal offices shall not be allowed to be sworn in and seated (Congress, etc.).  This provision shall be applied retroactively to the 2020 elections.
  6. For all tax increases, bond issues, propositions, etc. put before the voters on any Federal, State or local election, all campaign contributions made to support these proposals shall be split into two equal funds, both for and against the proposals, to enable the voters a fair opportunity to learn the pros and cons of the amendments.




  1. Establish a Financial Review Committee to overview all government expenditures exceeding $500,000 to any one individual or company.  The purpose of this committee is to weed out graft and overspending.
  2. Audit the Department of Defense.  Such an audit will go well beyond the typical Certified Public Accountant’s evaluation of the Internal Control of the Department, so as to include the nature and beneficiaries of our current worldwide commitments.  An independent evaluation of the Department is necessary to ensure the public that our military is acting in the best interests of our country.
  3. Take control over the ‘brainwashing’ of our population, particularly our youth.  Our media is clearly under control of the State.  There is a definite slant to the message provided to Americans by the media, the internet and the schools.  Stories are created and coordinated to provide maximum impact to further the agenda being taught in the schools.  There is clearly organization and purpose to the message being delivered; not unlike Russia and China.  The only difference being, which ‘State’ is in control of our media?  Clearly the answer lies with those government agencies involved with the flow of information, including the FCC, DOE,  IO, and other agencies as described in Joint Publication 3-13; all of whom our Executive branch of government has control over!  The personnel of these agencies may need to be retrained/replaced to ensure their agencies are providing the proper unbiased message for the development of our youth and the ongoing communications to our adult population.
  4. Establishment of a salary and benefit cap on all bureaucratic salaries of 90% of comparable salaries in the private sector, on both Federal and State levels.  Existing salaries and benefits shall be reduced to conform with this measure.
  5. During any government shutdown, all government employees shall continue to be paid with the exception of members of congress, their staffs and the president, all of who will permanently forfeit any remuneration which would have been paid during the shutdown.
  6. Increased enforcement efforts on individuals (wherever they are located in the world) who steal from Americans via internet and telephone scams.  Expand and enforce the use of no-call and no-email lists.
  7. Decriminalize low-wager online poker and other forms of low-wager online gambling.
  8. Modification of existing drug laws to substitute ‘Castor Bean Plant’ for ‘marijuana.’  Let’s start going after a plant that is a potential source of Terrorism – the Castor Bean Plant.  The Castor Bean Plant grows the most dangerous poison known to man – ricin.  We should be criminalizing the use of a plant that can be used adversely by terrorists!  In addition, by relaxing the laws against pot, we will effectively curtail the use of, and be better able to police more dangerous and still illegal drugs.
    1. A tax shall be collected on all legal sales of marijuana, similar to the tax now assessed on liquor.  Such proceeds shall be provided to State and Local police departments to redeploy police departments to activities which meet the definition of “Protect and Serve” (such as patrolling neighborhoods and an increased resolution of traditional crimes like theft) and away from a focus on marginal traffic violations.  No police department shall be eligible for its share of this tax revenue if it establishes traffic ticket quotas or receives a disproportionate share of its revenues from establishing speed traps (which shall be restated as police entrapment) or other misdirection of police efforts into marginal traffic violations.
    2. No Mexican organization shall be allowed to import Marijuana into the United States, if said organization possesses weapons, employees its own military or has taken military action against either the United States or Mexican governments or against the citizens of either country.  What I want to do is disband the militarization of the Mexican drug cartels.  The Cartels are flourishing because of the high demand for their product.  A modification of the drug laws will eliminate the demand for cartel drugs and help to diffuse the violence on the Mexican border.